Sunday, September 13, 2015

lol no

Well shit friends I accidentally went to college and haven't written anything for you guys in over a year.

I am the best.

I suppose I should tell you about myself. I'm currently in North Carolina, moved here for the cheerwine (best soda ever), mountains, and to escape Texas. LumpyBoob (yes, she's still my best friend, and still hates her nickname) is really proud of me, as I'm doing surprisingly good for someone who moved halfway across the country to a place I only know family and have freedom to make all the bad life choices I want.
I mean I am, but I haven't injured myself, others, or done anything illegal yet so I think I'm doing okay.

To make friends so I wasn't a sad out-of-state student, I did a thing called the Blue Ridge Sampler where we hiked, got lost, went rock climbing, canoeing, tubing, made food on a camp stove, hid toothpaste from bears, trekked up a river that smells like fecal matter (shoutout to the French Broad, I hate you), didn't shower for five days, and became a family with ten other people as we sat in the Urgent Care parking lot for four hours, playing with sidewalk chalk, eating oreos, and telling stories.
Much like a family, we only see each other rarely, and when we do, we hug hardcore.

My classes have been interesting. I started writing again, have been outgoing, and weirdest of all, made puns. I’m rather ashamed.
I also played ping-pong for an hour straight, but there's no class for that. My lego collection, extensive amount of Cards Against Humanity, and giant Appa stuffed animal has made me a lot of friends.
Starting to hate health and wellness promotion, I’m thinking about changing it to majoring in creative writing and minoring in biology. I went through all the classes I need for med school and they look so much more interesting. I’m going to have to take summer classes though or have an 18 credit hours semester every time. I'm currently taking 17 and haven't had any tests yet, which is probably why I have so much free time to take naps.

Downtown is really cool, I went to a drum circle, a festival, and the library, to name a few adventures.
Other adventures included getting lost for three hours trying to find the fucking Harris Teeter because we accidentally took the wrong  bus, got off when we realized, and then walked back. We found a magic shop that had this whole thing about steampunk magic, a specialty board game shop where I accidentally made everyone talk about Firefly, and a clothing shop called Clothes Encounters. The logo is a UFO. Sigh, puns.

I spent last night watching Pulp Fiction for the first time then coloring with my roommate and her friends until 3 in the morning because I'm an adult who is good at adulting. 

I have no idea how to write anymore, guys, for those who knew of me five years ago. I don't know if I'm going to continue blogging, it might be another year. All I know is I'm still okay, still alive, and I'm doing really well. The past few years have had a lot of weird shit, and now when I tell stories people look at me funny. They're slowly becoming desensitized, so I can talk about the time I got stepped on by an elephant without having them freak out.

I'm going on a hike, because you can actually go outside here, yippee. Maybe I'll even tell you how we almost die today. 
That might be nice.

Update:// I reverted 95% of my posts from high school to drafts. I don't know if I'll edit them to be less cringe-worthy eventually, but at least they no longer exist. I still don't know if I'll keep blogging, but I'm not deleting this blog just yet.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Recently I've been trying to figure out the various aspects of who I am, what I do, and how I look. In doing this I've attempted to sort my wardrobe with my various looks. I made an excellent list.

  • Punk Rock
    • Includes goth, punk, grunge
    • I can ride a motorcycle, steal your boyfriend, and crush your skull with my heeled boots
    • I'm gonna steal yo gurl
  • Assassin
    • Emulating Black Widow, Bo (Lost Girl), Natalie Dormer
    • The "so hot also I can kill you" look
  • Fangirl
    • Cosplay
    • Fandom merch
  • Normal
    • Jeans and a plain T-shirt
    • HAIR DOWN, NECK UP, THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE TO get noticed for being traditionally attractive
    • Skirt on hips, plain shirt, converse, sometimes you gotta Zooey Dooschenel it up or does that go under hipster
  • Fancy
    • Skirts, dresses, I look like I put effort into this
    • This is a fancy party I am wearing nice clothes and don't look like a hooker
  • Sophisticated
    • Those nice clothes you get with mom
    • Pencil skirts, librarian wear, ann taylor brand
    • Please hire me
    • I am trustworthy with your children but probably not your man or woman (I will steal them but in a romantic way not a slavery way) 
  • Hippie
    • Flower child
    • More often is the "short shorts and loose shirt" playful mood
    • Are you sure you're not an elf
  • Adventurer
    • Hiking clothes, capable of building, creating, beating up ninjas in the woods, cARGO PANTS
    • Board shorts and a bikini top for water sports
    • Hiking boots and those intense Asheville sandals
  • Exercise Queen
    • Under armor is your savior. Praise it.
  • Steampunk
    • Corsets and bronze tech
  • Finals Week Hobo
    • Sweatpants, t-shirt, messy bun
    • If you talk or wake me up you will be spat on
  • Clubbing
    • Never wear this to school
    • Or work, unless you're an escort, I guess

Sometimes bleeding of the aesthetics occur. If bleeding lasts more than 24 hours please see a doctor.