About Me

I am a teenager who wants to know I can actually do something.

People occasionally tell me my writing is good (when I threaten them with knives) so I blog, and write short stories on DA for those who are crazy enough to know me and nice enough to read my writings.

Seven Facts To Know About Me:

I have a weakness for fairy tales.

I want to be an ER doctor, and when if I get accepted into medical school I'm changing my last name to "Who."

I used to want to save the world but now I struggle to save my friends. All while wearing a cape.

I exercise on my floor. I can't do this if my room  is dirty. I only clean when upset (or guilty about not exercising). Be very afraid when my room is clean.

I am a fangirl. I cosplay. I'm a bookworm. I'm a TV addict. I'm a survivalist.

I hide my insecurities by being cocky, because be honest, who wouldn't want to be this awesome?

Buy my bracelets or I shall hunt you down and threaten to take away your chocolate.

This was supposed to be ten facts but I got lazy.

One time I met a dude, and an hour later stole his pants. The End.
I gave them back later.