Why Am I Doing This?

Why in the world am I doing this? Why am I being a weirdo that let's people see my innermost thoughts on the internet? Why?

Well I'm glad you [probably didn't] ask, because have we got a story for you!
Except this isn't veggie tales, and unless you want to know about Zombie Jesus, there is no religion here.

Don't bother reading this. Seriously. It's a teenage girl's diary but online. And even less people read this. And if anyone from my school ever gets a hold of this I'm screwed. Oh well. Good thing you wouldn't know it's me! Unless you are mentioned and were involved. Crap.

So... If you do go to my school, I apologize for mentioning you. But the real lesson here is be nice to me, or I might blog about you. No surprise that have a blog, is it?

I just write this because my dad dared me. Unfortunately nothing not-teenage-drama-related ever happens to me so this is a blog about me surviving high school. It's basically my diary except less people read it.

Alternate description:
The most random occurrence of literary crap thrown together on the internets based on a dare by a crazy parental unit.

This is basically where I rant and talk and tell funny stories so I don't have to repeat them hundreds of times to my many friends.
And by friends I mean imaginary friends.
And by imaginary friends I mean imaginary dogs that try to bite me and imaginary acquaintances.  
Occasionally an imaginary gerbil but I can't play with it because it likes to roll around in things I'm allergic to. 

Yes I realize it's extremely lame to have a blog, but I wear capes to school, openly confess my attraction to Frodo, and my happy dance is me jumping up and down in circles in a frantic, hap-hazard, joyous motion.
Let's accept I'm lame.

Comments? Questions? Confusion?

deeplyconfusinghighlyamusing@gmail.com is lonely, bored, and in need of conversation.

Update: Whoa, people actually read this crap?