Survival Bracelets

I'm starting a business selling survival bracelets. Eventually, if it takes off, I'll have a Pay-Pal thingy online, but for now, email me at with how big you want it in inches, and what color, and clasp or no clasp. (Clasp is better, they don't fall off.)

The type on the left is with a clasp, the one on the right is not. It's called the cobra weave, it gets around seven feet of paracord or more, very handy in survival situations. 

Each bracelet has around seven feet of paracord, also known as 550 cord, which means it takes 550 pounds of pressure to break it. In survival situations these can be used in snaring, fishing, a bow drill to start a fire, or a shelter. In modern situations these can be used for shoelaces, tying your children to the top of the car, emergency purse straps, lowering a cat out of a burning house, or in emergency situations, for instance tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or rainbows.

Rope is always useful. Duct tape *gasp blasphemy* can't do everything you know.

Colors include: 
*Note: My own personal names for them do not affect the rope at all. I'm simply amusing myself.

Military Puke Green

Darker-Than-Night Black

Pure As Mirandola White

Not As Fire-y As My Hair Red

Fish Pee Blue

Purpapple Same-Color-As-My-Belt Purple

Random Hobos That Hang On The Side: 
Glow-In-The-Dark Skulls

Clasp: $6.00
No Clasp: $5.00
With Skulls: $8.00

They can be one color or two, and no, that doesn't affect price. Unless you want it to. All extra cash goes towards the "Poor Zena Fund." If two colors, please specify which one you want the main color.

(And charity. A dollar of every bracelet I'm putting towards charity. And everything else, TO COLLEGE!)

Again, because this one I actually check occasionally.

Look, a fill-y out-y chart!
Primary(in the middle) Color: 
Optional Secondary(the edge) Color:
Clasp/No Clasp:
If No Clasp, Optional Tertiary Color:
If No Clasp, Optional Fourtherary Color:
Skulls/No Skulls: 
Size (please measure how many inches your wrist/ankle/body part you're wearing it on is):

(Some of the start-up profits will be put back in so to get more color choices.)

Popular Combinations:

Amurica Joker
The Angry Bee

The Abused Housewife

Colors of Evil