Thursday, January 2, 2014

Frickity Frack New Year

And I swear I am Calvin.

...Just kidding. I'm Hobbes.

While I should blog much more again, I've discovered naps are more important. So that's something.

Instead of real resolutions, I have a list of things I'm pretending are resolutions in the hope I fail them in a lovely yearly tradition.

1. Make my stomach even squishier.

2. Be a walking fashion disaster.

3. Fail all my classes.

4. Lose all my friends.

5. Throw up a lot.

6. Lose/break my various electronics.

7. Lose every karate thing I try.

8. Cry. Like a lot. So many.

9. Be sad all the time. Literally every single moment.

10. Hurt everyone I care for.

Have anything else I should resolve to do? Wish me luck failing!

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