Saturday, December 15, 2012

We Read Crap

A terrible tragedy happened today. The shooting in Connecticut was terrible and we should all pray (or if that isn't your thing, hope or sacrifice toasters or whatever) for the children and those who lost them today.
I know no one wants my opinion, but I have to say this:
Gun control won't solve anything. The government can't control the black market, and people should have the right to defend themselves. I think it would be a good idea for some type of long-term psychiatric evaluation for those who own guns, but some will still bypass the system. Gun control won't stop things like this, it'll make those getting caught with guns do more desperate and twisted things.
This is my opinion, I was raised in a house with a gun (my father has one for work) and from what I've heard and discussions about history and guns with people I respect dearly, like my dad, the survivalist I met last spring break, and my karate instructor.
And now hopefully to distract from the depressingness, here's my best attempt to be funny.
But please, think before you do things. You don't know if you're saving a life or others down the road.

While obsessed with fairy tales, I do have one problem.
Are the people all stupid?
It's like the chick puts on a mask and suddenly no one fucking recognizes her.
Cinderella just needs a new dress and even her own stepsisters don't know her.
In Another Cinderella Story EVERYBODY puts on a mask and no one know who everyone is.
Seriously guys; hair, body, voice, ANYTHING ELSE seriously I can recognize certain people from their hands or feet or knees I THINK PEOPLE WHO YOU LIVE WITH SHOULD BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE YOUR VOICE BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO.

Anyway, so on Thursday NoF, Hugger, the girl I finally named who shall now be known as Twerker, and I stayed after school and basically were dicking around the whole time.
It's really fun to call it that.

Twerker read my boob fairy story and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for how much she laughed.

Other things occurred that day, and we filmed a video, somewhat discussing them, but mostly reading shit we gizoogled or just plain bad fanfiction (My Immortal).

Twerker left before we made the video but it turned out to be the most beautiful thing of all time. I added my comments in the video. That's why there's random floating words. 'Cuz I'm so funny.

My friends are so much funnier than I am, it's why I blog about them all the time.
NoF looks like a hipster, Hugger looks hot, and I am a motherfucking princess.

Part One:

NoF your face what is it frozen on this is beautiful oh god what is happening.
I'm good at intros.
I swear I'm not staring at Hugger's tits I'm looking at the iPad.


 [lim-pid]  Show IPA
clear, transparent, or pellucid, as water, crystal, or air: We could see to the very bottom of the limpidpond.
free from obscurity; lucidclear: a limpid style; limpid prose.
completely calm; without distress or worry: a limpid, emotionless existence.

Part Two:

I have a deep appreciation of our faces,

Want this to be a regular thing? Want to yell at me for my opinion about guns?
I like the first plan, less the second.

In other news we had to explain to NoF how chicks pee.
...Yes, three holes.
No it's not a waste of space.
If pee came out of the vagina it would come out the same hole the baby does basically babies would be on the same level as fecal matter wait does fecal matter include urine?
I'm ending this blog post before I can talk anymore.


  1. Ah man! Just tried to watch your videos but they're set to private.

    I own a gun and I'm glad I do.

  2. In a way I agree but someone who has long term issues isn't as easily going to get there hands on a gun if they are made illegal! But either way, I think everyone will praying for the lives lost or effected by this horrid tragedy!